Occupational Training

Every day the staff at Peak Centre work with individuals to not only attain but surpass the fitness standards required for their job.

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Benefits of PEAK's occupational training programs

Occupational fitness testing and testing protocol development is an integral part of Peak Centre.  We have helped hundreds of individuals quickly determine the fitness areas they need to work on.  We then develop a targeted training regimen that helps them attain their fitness needs more efficiently and effectively than generic training programs.

PEAK's occupational training programs are excellent for:

  • Firefighters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Paramedics

How it works

Step 1.

We want to make sure you spend every valuable minute of your fitness training where it counts most. 

For this reason, each of our occupational training programs starts off with a fitness assessment specific to your occupation’s fitness standards. 

This provides us with a roadmap to meeting the required standards.

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Step 2.

Using the results from the assessment and -  information from your Coaches Form - we develop a custom training regimen designed specifically for you.

This training program is based on exercise physiology + science; derived from your testing results.

This custom training plan works for your goals.

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Step 3.

We re-evaluate your fitness levels throughout the program, monitoring your performance ongoing.

Program adjustments are made, and training continues, to successfully meet and even surpass fitness standards.


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