While training with the Peak Centre, there is a certain confidence knowing that each specific training session completed has just moved you one more step ahead of your competition.

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Cycling Program

The varying events in which cyclists complete make it unique in terms of training. Understanding the rider and the type of events they will be participating in is critical to their success.

Peak’s Comprehensive Cycling Program uses a combination of selective testing protocols and the integration and manipulation of specific aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training workouts. The process utilizes modern training techniques such as custom tailored programs on the CompuTrainer and Spinscan which can be completed at home or in a group environment. If followed diligently, your individualized training program, built for your specific training zones, will help you to gain power significantly and ensure that you are optimally prepared for race day.

What our power cycling program will do for you:

Cycling Series
  • Increase leg power
  • Correct muscle imbalances through proper strength training
  • Master hills through specific hill climbing workouts
  • Perfect your pedal stroke by using CompuTrainer’s SpinScan analysis
  • Increase race pace
  • Increase performance threshold
  • Decrease recovery time
  • Add structure and guidance to your training
  • Go faster!

Comprehensive Cycling Program

  • Individual monthly training plan design (cycling discipline-specific)
  • Individual strength training schedule and program run through
  • Designated physiologist (Junior or Senior)
  • Aerobic fitness testing (VO2 and Lactate) as required
  • Power and heart rate training zone development- Initial and continual
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support (Senior Physiologist)
  • Facility access (Kanata location), including free-weight and CompuTrainer area
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Individual race peaking and tapering development
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • Professional bike fitting (available extra)

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