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At Peak Centre Academy, we have remarkable staff members who have proven their excellence in education and athletics throughout their careers. We are extremely lucky to have the following as part of our academic staff:

Shaun Quinn, B.A., M.Ed. - Principal/High School Teacher

Shaun Quinn Portrait

Shaun Quinn joined Peak Centre Academy in September 2018 after working in the private school stream for 27 years – 13 years teaching at the middle and high school levels, and 14 years working in an administrative role as Vice Principal.

As an undergrad, Shaun attended the University of Ottawa where he completed a B.A. with Honors in Geography and also a Concentration in History. Shaun then completed a Masters degree in Education at the same university.

In terms of his athletic background, Shaun was a diverse athlete, but focussed his attention primarily on hockey and lacrosse. In his youth, Shaun played competitive hockey/lacrosse for the Gloucester Rangers/Gloucester Griffins respectively. He then played Jr. hockey for the Grads and Jr. lacrosse for the Griffins. He also played Sr. lacrosse for the Huntsville Hawks and was the Director of the Huntsville Lacrosse School during that same season. Shaun continued his hockey involvement through Bob Fawcett’s Power Hockey School as he worked as an instructor from 1997-2004. Shaun also has a passion for downhill skiing, fishing, and golfing.

Shaun is committed to ensuring that his students reach their full academic potential and believes that part of student success is ‘learning how to learn’, as he feels it is important for students to develop sound learning skills/work habits that will prepare them further for post-secondary education.

Elisa Lyu - B.A. (English), M.A., (English), PGCE (English), IB (Certification), OCT, High School English Teacher

ELISA LYU Portrait

Elisa Lyu will be teaching senior high school English at Peak Center Academy. She is a caring, congenial and compassionate teacher who aims to promote in students an enjoyment of lifelong interest in English language and literature, as well as develop their international-mindedness as global citizens through the study of languages, ideas and issues of global significance. Elisa believes that every person could thrive and give full play to their potential that transcends gender, age and nationality. Her open-mindedness and professionalism have enabled her to establish good relationships with students rooted in mutual respect.

Elisa holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, and a master’s degree in English Linguistics. She has been teaching high school IB English for more than 7 years in private schools. Having worked in a multicultural environment, she appreciates the differences in students’ learning styles, cultural and religious values, as well as the traditions they hold onto. She is able to appraise each learner’s abilities and identify their precise needs, in order to create a systematic and differentiated program of instruction to maximise their potential for success.
Apart from teaching, Elisa loves yoga and dance and has been actively involved in students’ extracurricular activities. She loves encouraging students to develop a balanced lifestyle between academic and physical as well as mental well-being. It’s often seen in her classes that academic content and fun activities are organically integrated in order to keep students engaged during learning. She’s excited to be part of the Peak Center Academy team.

Ceili McIlveen - B.A., B.Ed., OCT Junior School Teacher/Core Subjects/French

Ceili McIlveen Portrait

Céilí McIlveen is an inspiring new teacher who embodies the principles of growth mindset learning and adaptability. With a passion for education and a commitment to continuous improvement, Céilí creates a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for her students. 

From an early age, Céilí displayed a love for learning and an unwavering belief in the power of embracing challenges. This mindset led her to pursue a degree in Gender Studies before completing her Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa, where she acquired a solid foundation in pedagogical strategies and child development. Throughout her academic journey, Céilí actively sought opportunities to broaden her knowledge and skills, attending workshops, participating in professional development programs, and collaborating with experienced educators. 

Armed with a growth mindset, Céilí comes to every school year with boundless enthusiasm and a willingness to adapt to her students' ever-changing needs. Recognizing the unique strengths, interests, and learning styles of each child, Céilí tailors her instructional methods to create an environment that encourages exploration and intellectual risk-taking. 

Céilí firmly believes that learning extends beyond the classroom, incorporating real-world examples, hands-on activities, and technology to make learning relevant and engaging. Céilí's dedication to promoting an active lifestyle and fostering holistic well-being inspires her students to embrace healthy habits and prioritize their physical and mental wellness. Her adaptability is evident in her ability to quickly adjust teaching strategies to address individual student needs and unexpected situations. 

Through her openness to new ideas and ability to adapt, Céilí creates a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel empowered to reach their full potential.

Hadish Street - B.Sc. (Physics), PGCE (Maths/Physics), OCT (In Progress), High School Math/Science Teacher

Hadish Portrait

Hadish Street is a British Science and Maths teacher with a degree in Physics from the University of Manchester and 6 years experience in high schools around the world. He taught for 2 years in the UK before moving to The Bahamas where he taught at Queen's College, the oldest private school in The Bahamas before moving to Eleuthera to teach at the Deep Creek Middle School. He loves SCUBA diving with sharks and is passionate about educating about global and local environmental crises. Hadish seeks to inspire students to see the beauty of the natural world and teach them the scientific and logical tools to assuage their own curiosity and defend them from pseudoscience throughout their lives. 

Kaitlyn Sedore - B.A., B.Ed., OCT Junior School Teacher/Core Subjects

Kaitlyn Sedore

Kaitlyn is excited to bring her passion and enthusiasm for education to Peak Centre Academy. Kaitlyn has been teaching in the public school system for the past 2 years, in both primary and junior grade levels. She has also gained a great amount of experience in education through her work in math and literacy tutoring, as well as programming for various child care centres. 

Kaitlyn is originally from Kingston, Ontario and moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University, where she obtained her B.A in Child Studies. Soon after, she completed her Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education at the University of Ottawa. When not in the classroom, Kaitlyn enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her friends, family, and new pup, Rosie.  Being active is also really important to Kaitlyn, and is something she is looking forward to bringing into the classroom. Some of her favourite sports/activities include: golf, tennis and hockey.

Kaitlyn shows her creativity and love of learning through her work in the classroom, as she creates a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all students to learn and grow. Kaitlyn sees the classroom as a shared learning experience, where her role is to act as a mentor and facilitator. Through these roles, she hopes to create a student-centered atmosphere, one that will not only actively engage her students, but help them make real-world connections. She will do this through the use of technology, hands-on experiences, and inquiry-based learning. 

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