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Contrary to popular belief – the Peak Academy is not just a school for hockey players. Rather, the Peak Academy was founded with the vision of being the go to development centre for young student athletes showing the drive and determination to better themselves both academically and athletically no matter what their sport of choice. Currently we have a variety of development programs to support students from backgrounds such as; alpine skiing, triathlon, distance running, cycling & dance.

Athletically, this is made possible through our strong working relationship with Canada’s top private sport science centre – Peak Centre for Human Performance. Young student athletes from a wide variety of team or individual sports are able to benefit from the experience and knowledge of our highly qualified sport science team throughout the school day in order to build their sport specific fitness and ultimately better them during team or individual competition.

Academically, the students all come together regardless of their sport of choice for the top notch academics that the Peak Academy is able to offer. This has a unique positive effect of creating a diverse classroom where students are able to broaden their horizons and learn from one another.

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