Peak Centre Academy classrooms are fitted with state of the art learning tools such as SmartBoards while students train in sporting facilities that are among the best in Canada.

Athletic Facilities

Peak Centre Academy integrates technology in the classroom to enhance the curriculum, engage students and promote student-led

learning. Our teachers develop strong relationships with our students and quickly get to understand their strengths and needs in the classroom. At PCA, we are fortunate to have a very low student to teacher ratio. This is a priority at Peak because research shows that high quality academic instruction combined with positive teacher-student relationships, draws students into the process of learning and promotes their desire to learn and attain higher levels of achievement.  Peak Centre Academy has access to Google Classroom course content to complement the regular class curriculum. Access to this content introduces students to utilizing a Drive which is a skill that will prove invaluable when they enter post-secondary.  This platform introduces students to Google Apps for Education which is currently being used in 90% of post-secondary institutions across Canada and the United States. Google Apps for Education offers students amazing education tools like Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Drive. Those are just a small sample of the tools available for students. Utilizing these varied academic tools allows for the differentiation of course content to meet the needs of all of our students while preparing them for our ever changing workforce.

Athletic Facilities

Soccer facility

The Peak Centre Academy is housed in the Bell Sensplex in Kanata, Ontario. Our facilities include:

  • Four ice pads
  • Three NHL sized surfaces and one international ice surface
  • Field house for dryland speed, agility and athleticism training a
  • State-of-the-art sports conditioning facilities including strength training equipment, cardio training equipment, altitude stations and stretching areas
  • Peak Centre for Human Performance Lab – Canada’s private leader in sport science testing & training
  • Outdoor soccer, football and baseball fields
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Cross country running trails

Having daily access to these state of the art athletic facilities makes it easy to ensure our students receive the highest caliber training. These facilities equip Peak with the ability to train not only the hockey player, but other aspiring athletes including, but not limited to,  soccer players, dancers, football players and those with an interest in track and field.

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