PEAK Centre hockey training programs have been developed to ensure that players at all levels develop the skills and conditioning required to play hockey at its highest level.

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Peak Hockey Program

The Peak Centre offers hockey services that are different from any other health club or personal trainer. As Canada’s leading private Sport Science Centre, we pride ourselves in being designated as a High-Performance Laboratory and one of only eight Nationally Accredited Centres in the country. Nowhere else will you find training regimens designed to maximize your own body’s specific fitness and athletic potential. When choosing the Peak Centre, you choose to work with experts in the field of Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, and Hockey Skill Development, who’s philosophies are deeply rooted in proven scientific methods designed specifically to optimize physiological performance efficiently and effectively. 

Peak Academy

The Peak Model for Athletics and Academics consists of exceptional tools and strategies that have been developed to assist our students and athletes in attaining their goals with confidence. These tools and strategies, utilized in the classroom, and in sports, will prove invaluable to your children as they enter post-secondary education, higher athletic endeavours, and a lifelong active lifestyle. Our Educators, Sport Scientists, Sport Coaches, Kinesiologists, and Sport Psychologists are proud to be a part of the staff for this unique and innovative private school. The Peak Model, used in conjunction with our highly trained staff and strong academic curriculum, makes Peak Centre Academy the first choice for many families. We are honored to be your first choice and will strive to exceed your expectations. We are looking forward to a fantastic year. 

Peak Centre Academy

Having trained with Peak Centre for 10 years, I really learned how to train like a professional. Their knowledgeable staff and scientific approach to training helped me take my game to the next level.
Winnipeg Jets
Ryan Spooner

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