Ken Brunet – Owner- Peak Centre

  • Ken B portrait
    PEAK Centre Senior Exercise Physiologist
  • B.Sc.Kinanthropology
  • CEP (Certified Exercise Physiologist)
  • Over 16 years working with elite and professional athletes (NHL, OHL, CFL, Canadian National Teams, CPGA, RCGA)

Ken obtained his exercise science degree at the University of Ottawa and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. He was the director of the Exercise Physiology Lab at the Ottawa Sport Science Center for 7 years and is currently co-founder and President of the Peak Centre; an Accredited Elite Athlete Testing and Training Centre. Ken specializes in sport science, training monitoring, training plan development and consulting for many National, Olympic and professional team athletes and coaches. While being part of sport science committees for National Sport Organizations, Ken also teaches, consults and gives seminars to various groups such as physical education teachers, national coaching programs, college level courses, personal trainers, fitness instructors etc.


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